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Distribution Partner

We are looking for distribution partners

Distribution Partner

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We are looking for persons to introduce the CirNavSys to companies and to educational institutions:

The CirNavSys is a new technology and its possibilities are currently not widely known. Therefore, you can take the chance and make the program known and mediate it where you think it is useful and profitable. We believe that the CirNavSys is useful especially in electrotechnical companies and in educational institutions.  You can work independently and receive a commission for each mediated full version of the program and for each mediated service in connection with the program.

At the beginning of cooperation we will show you the capabilities of the program in detail via videoconference, so that you will also be able to operate the program and teach these skills to other people. 

If you do not have any electrical engineering knowledge so far, we will teach you this knowledge at the beginning of the cooperation.

--- Your characteristics ---

You will probably spend a lot of time locating potential prospects and explaining the program to them. In this respect you should be able to explain well.

Experience in customer acquisition would be advantageous for you.

Since you are distributing a software product for electrical engineering, you should be interested in technology (electrical engineering and software).

Depending on your sales strategies, you may have to travel to customers to explain the program on site and/or to set up the program on site.

--- Job characteristics ---

You can independently set up a sales force and manage it as you see fit. You will be paid based on your success, i.e. instead of a salary you will receive a commission of:

50% of each software license you refer.

20% of each service you refer.

--- Contact information ---


Benedikt Sessler

In the Grub 7

78343 Gaienhofen.

Tel: 07735 2392


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