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With hobby version upgrade, you can unlock larger circuits and larger analyses than in the free version, but not as large as in the full version:
After purchasing the hobby version upgrade, you get the license key. Enter that license key into the upgrade-dialog-window of your free version and click on save.  By this upgrade, you can change your free version of the CirNavSys into the hobby version.


When you buy this upgrade, then we will send your license code to you. You can use this license code to unlock the Hobby version in your CNS.

With the Hobby version, you can have circuits with

up to 25  components,

up to 25 nodes,

And you can analize them with:

up to 5001 datapoints

maximal 250 lines in the netlist.

And you can have an unlimited number of curves to display your values in the Hobby version.




CNS Hobby version upgrade

50,00 €Preis
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