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CNS HowTo 01 install and setup on Windows

An instruction how to install the CirNavS in three steps ( or two steps if you already have java running on your computer).
Step 1: download and install the CNS from
Step 2: download and install java e.g. from
Step 3: open the CirNavSys and go through its setup routine.

an explaination how to install the CNS on windows computers

This instruction shows how  download and install the CNS on windows computers.  There is also a more detailed instruction as video on: 

The CNS depends on four other programs, you can download them for  free:

  • Java, the runtime environment on which the CNS runs - is needed for the CNS to run.

  • KiCad Eeschema, a circuit editor - is needed if you want to make your own circuits.

  • NGspice, a circuit value calculator - is needed for each simulation of each circuit.

  • FFmpeg, a video converter - is needed if you want to export your circuit as a video.

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