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With this full version upgrade, you can analyze circuits and analyses as large as you want:
After purchasing the full version upgrade, you get the license key. Enter that license key into the upgrade-dialog-window of your free version and click on save.  By this upgrade, you can change your free version of the CirNavSys into the full version for three months.


If you do not have the free version yet, you can download it at

You need to open your free version's upgrade-dialog-window to see your individual code (the one to enter here in this online shop) and the textfield where you can enter the license code that you will get in return after your purchase. 

With the Full version, you have no limits:

unlimited number of components

unlimited number of nodes

unlimited number of curves 

unlimited number of datapoints in each analysis

unlimited number of lines in each analysis


Also the full version has all the color modes of the other versions, and additionally has the night-mode. The night mode is useful if you are working long hours in front of the screen. It is less tiring for the eye, and the shining wires model works best on a black background. So if you are working on digital circuits, the night mode is optimal for you!

3 months full version upgrade

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