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If you show an animation of a circuit from the CirNavSys, you can skip a major part of each lecture. And your students will understand the circuit even better than before.

Do you want to know how to do that? Read the introductory article to find out.

Introduction for teachers and professors

Images of circuits


We have a collection of images of circuits with description.

You can use these images for your own presentation.

Men at Work
Men at Work

The circuit navigation system can help teachers to prevent their students from seeing electrical engineering as incomprehensible abstract theory. In this way, it can sustain enthusiasm for electrical engineering, lower the dropout rate, and counteract the shortage of engineers. Find out how CirNavSys achieves these goals in this article.

CirNavSys against the shortage of engineers

triangular rectangular voltage generator in Spice simulation and CNS animation

Videos of circuits

We have several playlists about different circuit types on our youtube-channel:

In case your want  to create your own circuit analyses, watch the videos of the CNS-HowTo playlist.

If you are a school teacher, you can have currents and voltages explained in the electro-basics playlist.

If you are teaching more experienced students, you can try out the playlist about digital circuits.

Or you can find short videos of various circuits, directly outputted from the CNS, in the  output-playlist.

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