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The CEDA peace concept

Introduction and reason for this text

In ordinary times we publish on this website only information about electrical engineering and didactic processing of electrotechnical aspects. However, the current development of the war in Ukraine as well as the danger of war in Europe overshadows our usual topic, so that we see the urgent need to publish the following text, so that everybody knows it, spreads it, discusses it and applies it:

How can this war end?

As so many others, I am also very upset abot the recent development in ukraine. Most of my thoughts in the previous week were about how might this end. Is there any way how this war can end? I would call myself a logically thinking person - as an electric engineer and software developer, I have to. And yes, by logically thinking, I can see two possible ways how this can end. A good way and a bad way.

It can end in a bad way - in Death and Destruction

The bad way is easy to describe: The war will go on, many people will die in the war. Eventually, one side will defeat the other. But still then there will be more dead persons because of the expected massacres after the war: If the russians win this war, and take Kiev after a long fight, they probably might kill a lot of persons there. Same goes for other cities. If the ukrainians win this war, they will hat the russians which will lead to massacres against russian based persons. In this bad way, many europeans will hate and kill eaoch other inside and outside of Ukraine for a long time. This is why I call it the bad way. And at the moment, it looks like europe is going the bad way.

What does each side want?

The good way is longer to describe, but for the sake of europe, it might be worth it:

In order to understand that concept, we first need to have a look at what the countries in europe want, or at least what they say they want:

  • Mr. Putin sais that russia is threatened by the eastwards expansion of the Nato and wants to prevent ukraine to join the Nato. I don't know whether he is lying or telling the truth, since I can not have a look into his head (I really would like to). But I can understand that the russians do not want an overwhelmingly strong military force at their borders. And in fact, the Nato is stronger than Russia. It has more persons, more material, more money than Russia. Whether the Nato does threaten Russia or not, I don't know since I can not have a look into the heads of Mr.Stoltenberg and his colleagues ( I really would like to). But if I was russian, I would not want to bet my life on whether Mr.Stoltenberg and his colleagues are nice guys.

  • On the other hand, I can understand that small countries next to russia want to join Nato, since they do not want an overwhelmingly strong military force at their borders. And in fact, Russia is stronger than each of these countries. It has more persons, more material, more money than each of these countries. Whether Russia does threaten these countries or not, I don't know since I can not have a look into the heads of Mr. Putin and his colleagues ( I really would like to, as already mentioned). But if I was polish, estonian, ukrainian, etc. I would not want to bet my life on whether Mr. Putin and his colleagues are nice guys.

It can end in a good way - the CEDA peace concept

Fortunately there is a feasible solution which respects the mentioned interests of Russia and of the mentioned smaller countries, of  whom each one wants to be safe from agression. This solution might be called the CEDA-principle:

1. Ukraine joins the CEDA, the Central-European-Defence-Alliance, a new to create military cooperation of central european counties. It is recommended that CEDA is a complete barrier between NATO and OVKS. Therefor CEDA should ideally include finland, the baltic states, poland, the balkan states, greece and turkey. Also Germany, Switzerland and Austria might be part of the CEDA. (Especially Switzerland and Austria have a long history of neutrality which could be helpful to keep the CEDA neutral between west and east)

2. Russia draws back all of its troops out of Ukraine as soon as this CEDA concept is approved by its member states. It is given 14 days to withdraw all troops, before the CEDA rule 3.2 below is activated.

3. The constitution of CEDA makes clear that any country in the CEDA can not be part of NATO nor of the OVKS.

3.1 it also makes clear that CEDA members may not cooperate with any military of NATO or of OVKS. This includes common combat practice or hosting foreign troops on CEDA soil.

3.2 if any foreign power puts any military on CEDA soil, then this shall be regarded as an attack on CEDA as a whole ( similar to already existing NATO statutes )

3.3 members of the CEDA organisation are not allowed to have any non-public contact to any member of NATO or of OVKS. Any request (mail/call/chat) towards CEDA from any external person or external organisation will be published on the CEDA website and sent to several news outlets in each NATO member state and in each OVKS member state. If a representative of the CEDA tries to keep a contact to any member of NATO or of OVKS as non-public, then this shall be regarded as preparation of war (a crime punishable by at least 10 years of prison, but usually a lifetime, in Germany according to VStGB article 13). However, within CEDA there can be internal, non-public communication, as in other military alliances.

3.4 CEDA members may not buy or sell or give or accept any military devices for a price power than production cost of that device. NATO and OVKS extend their statutes that they also may not buy/sell/give/accept such a device for a lower price. Failing to do so is a preparation of war. However, CEDA / NATO / OVKS members may purchase and sell military devices at a normal price, if that transaction does not violate any other regulation.

3.5 CEDA member states may not give or take loans from member states of NATO or of OVKS, since loans can be used to buy weapons even at a normal price. (And since Immanuel Kant has recognized the money-power as a dangerous tool to create wars)

A member state of organisation A may only lend money to a member state of organisation B, if organisation C does not request a veto. Of course each state still may lend money on the capital market for usual interest rates.

Why should every side agree to this?

  • The russian government says it wants to be save from NATO agression. The best way to do this, is to have a strong barrier between themselves and the NATO.

  • The NATO representatives say that their organisation's purpose is to protect themselves from the russians. It was founded for exact that reason. The best way to do this is to have a strong barrier between themselves and the russians.

  • The states who join the new CEDA are now in an alliance that is powerful enough to withstand any non-nuclear attac from either NATO or from the OVKS. (At the moment we can see that the russians are having trouble to enter ukraine alone. They would not have a chance if FI,PL,DE,TR and some more small countries would be in that CEDA alliance with ukraine.
    Simply said: it is better to be in the forest with a rifle and to see a russian bear calmly wandering around,
    than to be in the forest with a rifle and a nuke and seeing a russian bear who hates you:
    In both cases, you can try to shoot the bear. But you might miss and be eaten before you can reload. If you bring the nuke, you can nuke the bear and hit it for sure, but you will die from that blast a second later. If you do  not  bring the nuke, you can let the bear pass, hope it walks away (still keep the rifle in case it comes closer) and when it is gone you can hunt some rabbits.

--> A win-win-win situation for a stable peace in europe.

What to do now?

Share this information with everyone you know, since it is the most practicable way to solve this war soon. I hereby put it under public domain (or under wtfpl at your choice), so you may share and edit this text as you want to. You may even sell copies of this text or you can claim that you invented it - I don't mind. I also invite to correct my mistakes, since english is not my native language, and to translate it into any other language.

If you are a writer/journalist/blogger/etc.: share it on your website, make an article out of it, rewrite this text in a professional way (as already mentioned, I am just an engineer, not a literature expert). If you can interview politicians or persons of public life, then ask these persons  whether they support the CEDA peace concept. In case they do not yet know this concept, bring them this explaination.

If you are a person of public life: go talk about peace concepts. You may even claim it to be your idea and become famous.

Everyone: Make the peace concept known to everyone else!

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